iDrum Available for Pro Tools

Glaresoft's fun and easy drum machine for the Mac, iDrum, is now available as an RTAS for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools TDM. iDrum is designed to work as a standalone instrument or as a plug-in. iDrum isn't the most sophisticated drum machine ever, a la Reason, but, well, that's a relief. For elegant, […]

Etch Your Own Plastic Records

Very Cool Things has a kit for building an Emile Berliner Gramophone knock-off; record audio by etching grooves into any firm surface, from Ramen lids to used CDs. (Wow — finally a use for those lousy promotional CDs I keep getting!) It's imported from Japan but fortunately includes English instructions. The only bad news is […]

Peter Kirn - November 14, 2004

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