[Updated] Ableton Live “ReFill” Sound Set (Mac, Win)

Those of you using Ableton Live 4 know how much fun the software's new Simpler and Impulse instruments are. Drag-and-drop sounds, and you've got an instant sampler or drum kit. Now if only Ableton had bothered to include a decent library of presets to get you started . . . If only . . . […]

Free Crystal Soft Synth: Now in Brushed Aluminum (Mac, PC)

The free soft synth Crystal has an incredible sound engine with deep control you'd expect out of a commercial product. As for looks, well, in that category it left a bit to be desired. Today, Green Oak delivered a new version of the software with a totally new look; watch out for brushed Aluminum, 3D […]

Peter Kirn - November 18, 2004

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