Delay Dots Spectral Suite on Mac OS X

Delay Dots' Windows-first suite of plugins, the Sound designers | Spectral Suite, has made it to Mac OS X VST, with an AU version in progress. There's a nice line-up of effects here for sound creation: Spectral Morph, with convolution and vocoder modes Bass exciter (available in an optional pro version) Spectral pitch shifter Physical-modeled […]

Free Clavinet Synth on Mac OS X

Budding Stevie Wonders with GarageBand, listen up: the superb but free Ticky Clav physical-modeled Hohner Clavinet synth is now on X, as the Apulsoft continues to bring the best VSTs to OS X's AU format. The instrument's physical modeling features allow it to "faithfully reproduce the strings vibration and the 2 pickups of the Clavinet […]

Mackie Traktion 1 Audio/MIDI App Now Free (Win, Mac)

Forget limited-feature bundled apps or the now-defunct Pro Tools Free; Mackie's got your free general-purpose audio tool right here. Traktion is available free for a limited time, and rivals the flagship audio/MIDI workstations for functionality, with audio and MIDI recording and editing, VST plugin and instrument hosting and ReWire support, a built-in sampler and filters, […]

Soundsonline Free Instrument Sampler CD (Win, Mac)

650 MB of instruments and loops is nothing to sneeze at, so even if you have to cough up the US$9.75 shipping cost, the new Soundsonline Instrument Sampler V1 sounds well worth it. You can use this library with virtually any PC or Mac host, and play with a healthy library of sampled instruments and […]

MetaSynth 4 Coming to OS X Soon (CDM Exclusive)

U&I Software tells that they expect to release the highly-anticipated Mac OS X version of MetaSynth by the end of the year (unofficially). MetaSynth, created by wonder-programmer Eric Wenger who brought us tools like Bryce and ArtMatic, was the one and only reason to run Classic in OS X for many of us who […]

What’s New in Guitar Rig 1.2

Native Instruments, apparent coffee drinkers and update maniacs, are at it again with their Guitar Rig guitar effects and amp package. Here's what's new, among other things, in the free 1.2 update: Four new modules: Fuzz Ace (fuzz pedal based on Arbiter Fuzz Face), Big Fuzz (fuzz pedal based on Electro Harmonix Big Muff), Cat […]