The free soft synth Crystal has an incredible sound engine with deep
control you'd expect out of a commercial product. As for looks, well,
in that category it left a bit to be desired. Today, Green Oak
delivered a new version of the software with a totally new look; watch
out for brushed Aluminum, 3D touches, and an understated, Apple-like
feel. So now it's cool, free, AND pretty, and the updated AU from last
month works with Logic 7. Go download it.

Compatibility: Mac AU, PC VST (Mac VST to be updated soon)

  • Guest

    :grin Bloody impressive piece of work! You do not need any other basic soft synth… I particularly love the modulation matrix… I always believe that the key to really interesting sounds is putting LFOs on strange things…

  • admin

    Lovely, lovely stuff. Email me if you'd be interested in contributing some tips on it; will try to post some patching ideas soon! Just love this thing. May integrate it into my class, too.