Legendary plugin developer Bram of Smartelectronix has unveiled Cyanide 2.0,
a major update to his audio-shaping / sound-poisoning effect. Improved
filters and anti-aliasing make for better sound, there's real visual
feedback for the shaper, OS X support has arrived, and much of the
effect is MIDI-controllable (hurrah). While you're there, check out
some of his other plugins; SupaPhaser is one of my personal favorites.

Compatibility: Mac (OS 9 VST / OS X VST, AU), PC (VST)
Price/Availability: Free (donationware), available now

  • Guest

    I like this plug in very much. I know that is not alot of info but it can be used in a varity of different ways. I like it for emulating tape saturation and creating old radio type fx. It is good stuff 🙂

  • admin

    Yeah, tough to experience without trying it first-hand. Maybe I can post some sample files; let me know if you've got a few seconds you're willing to share! 8)