Forget limited-feature bundled apps or the now-defunct Pro
Tools Free; Mackie's got your free general-purpose audio tool right
here. Traktion
is available free for a limited time, and rivals the flagship
audio/MIDI workstations for functionality, with audio and MIDI
recording and editing, VST plugin and instrument hosting and ReWire
support, a built-in sampler and filters, and pro-level mastering tools,
collaboration, and project management. Best of all, it does all this in
a single-window interface vaguely reminiscent of Ableton Live, so it's
a lot easier to approach than apps like Apple Logic.

Give it a try via the free promotion page (registration is all you need).

What? You've already got Traktion? Version 2.0 is expected in January, and unlike the free downloaders, you'll get a discount.

  • triage

    Have been looking forward to exploring Traktion – often misspelled, eh? While I'm a confirmed GarageBand user – self-anointed – it seems to me this Mackie product might be a cool adjunct. I'm using Audacity but not finding the controls intuitive. Here's hoping Traktion flows from GB.

    And thanks.

  • admin

    Hey, the price is right: this is a perfect chance to upgrade. You'll find many things different from GarageBand, but the one-window interface is quite friendly. Spend some time with the documentation just to find your way around, but I think you'll find a more serious and flexible audio environment.

  • Guest

    I tried almost every sequncer around. And this one is simply the best. Ableton Live 4 would be the second best. Everything is simple and intuitive and no kitschy front end. I got Trackie (Tracktion from Mackie for $0) but I'll be happy to pay the full price for v2.

  • bigovum

    I've started to use Tracktion as my main sequencer now. I've been using Cubase since the Atari ST right up to SX2. Tracktion takes me back to the Atari days. Fun, intuitive and quick to get things done. It's limitiations making you think about making your music, which I like. There a re a few things i'd like in there, but too much would kill the simplicity. The midi editing could use some tweaking, assigning controllers to the transport would be nice, realtime timestretch for audio clips, blah blah blah….
    As the guy above i'd be willing to pay for V2, I think the free give away was a very smart idea…