Enough of the speculation: Propellerhead today has formally announced Reason 3 and posted full details. Here's what's new, boiled down:

  • Combinator will let you build combination patches of multiple Reason instruments, as I and others had predicted.
  • MClass mastering suite includes EQ, stereo imaging, compressor, and maximizer. 
  • 'Performance' features:
    better control surface support including motorized faders, new browser,
    new soundbank with Combinator patches and "more sampled instruments"
    instead of just loops. 
  • 6:2 Line Mixer / submixer.
  • Improved automation
  • Improved sample quality, dramatically shorter load times

MClass mastering is mainly aimed at the "create your whole song in
Reason" crowd, but they'll love it. For live performance, the
Combinator could be downright
revolutionary, by streamlining needlessly complex patches. Add reduced
sample load times, and Reason 3 may be the best version to take
onstage, even if it isn't a radical departure from previous versions.

So why is this upgrade stirring up debate?
Many expected a revolutionary Reason release, and this is evolutionary.
When Reason 1.0 came out, integrated soft studios were fairly new; now
the field is overcrowded with endless options. The bottom line is, if
you liked Reason before, you'll love this; if you didn't care then, you
probably won't care now. No, you can't load VSTs in Reason, but Propellerhead is the company that invented ReWire.

And if you haven't checked out Reason before? Now's as good a time
as any. Reason is a tremendous bundle of synths, effects, toys, and
tools. All of this at about $300, with surprisingly minimal system
requirements for Mac or Windows.

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    who cares… reason is dead. love live ableton live!

  • admin

    I agree on Live — but it is a different product, and Live is at its best with some synth. So the question is . . . which one?

    And this version of Reason doesn't give a whole lot of new, erm, reasons. You're not the only one who's saying 'who cares.'

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    "So the question is . . . which one? "
    Both programs under Rewire technology. This is Good team : Live & Reason

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    …still arguing 'bout tools when noone has brains to use. Better choose the one that suits you and make good NEW sounds and music instead of stopping your fingers to open your mouth, uselessly. Looks as if it's all about who's got the biggest penis when you won't use it anyway. Please post mp3s to show something new to this uniform gray music world. Thanx.