Multiplayer Wireless Music and the Nintendo DS

Band Brothers, a Japanese launch title for the new Nintendo DS, looks like just another music game. Press the button for your 'instrument' at the right time, a la a game of Simon, and try to keep in rhythm. What makes Band Brothers unique is its wireless multiplayer, which allows your DS-owning friends (all your […]

Game Boy Ensemble: gameboyzz orchestra

Nintendo has its own collaborative Wi-Fi Nintendo DS band, and we've seen solo Game Boy artists. But as for the first Game Boy ensemble, that honor appears to belong to the six-member Polish gameboyzz orchestra. (via we make money not art) Their goal is "to create irony in the electronic music scene with our low-tech […]

Peter Kirn - December 9, 2004

Acoustical Art: PVC Pipe Speakers

Urban Spy has the scoop on new PVC pipe speakers from aptly-named Acoustical Art, hand-crafted and just $2500/pair as shown. Spectacularly gorgeous, and the designer has acoustic engineering cred, making this the "beautiful thing we can't afford" of the week. But upwardly mobile readers, please give them a shot.

Peter Kirn - December 9, 2004

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