[Updated] Vintage Rhythm Machines, Free in Flash Form

Having witnessed a Flash-based, circuit-bent Speak & Spell, what's next but a few dozen vintage drum machines recreated as downloadable Flash files? The Keyboard Museum has a healthy supply, from classic to obscure. Boss DR-55? Check. Wurlitzer Swing Rhythm 5020? Check. Oberheim DX? Check. Some other thingy you've never heard of? It's there. Have I […]

Sequencing with Architecture: Instant City

First colored blocks, now city blocks: Swiss-based collective Rosen & Spademan has constructed a "music building game table" for creating modular compositions with transparent blocks, converting improvised architecture into sound. (thanks, near near future) Their biggest goal, they say: getting people to grab the objects and play. You can explore this and other projects on […]

Peter Kirn - December 13, 2004

Control NES via MIDI

The Nintendo madness continues: MIDINES is a cartridge for the 8-bit NES system that allows you to control the NES' internal soundbank via a standard MIDI cable, so you can add your NES to the other gear in your studio. EM411 has a full review.

Peter Kirn - December 13, 2004

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