Reality television has finally come to DJing, with a new show on Spike TV called The Club,
featuring DJ Paul Oakenfold. Oakenfold's spinning skills will be
featured alongside the adventure of managing and marketing nightlife at
Ice in Las Vegas. Shure is using the show as a chance to push their
line of turntable cartridges — not your everyday product placement.

CDM is holding out for an all analog synth version of Pimp My Ride, but
until then, The Club starts January 2 on cable here in the USA. Hey, you! In the back! Stop the comments about a slow news week, will you?

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  • Guest

    The show only has Mr Oak in it for ONE show. The last show if I remeber. It's a good show but kinda boring. I have worked in a lot of clubs and none of em where that fucked up. Oh well. American TV I guess?

  • Guest

    that show doesnt really focus on DJ's but rather the politics and in-house personality and management conflicts. Bottom line – the show sucked and is no longer on, thankfully. Cool to see Oakey in Ireland at the Madonna show even if only for a moment – far more interesting than the show itself. Didnt know Godskitchen was so huge.