paintingbynumbers has a full tutorial on creating mash-ups, remixes
that combine two songs. This is a 'beginners' guide' but it's quite
intense: author Philip Meehan covers everything from isolating beats to
removing vocals via phase cancellation. It's inspiring enough to make
me want to mash some of my own tracks.

Best of all, the entire tutorial takes advantage of Mackie's Traktion audio editor, which for a limited time is free, as we reported here last month. [Thanks,]

  • Guest

    The idea of someone detailing the way a mash-up Should be executed is silly, isn't it? Let anarchy reign.
    Here's a variation on the idea:

  • admin

    Yes, I tend to agree, mash-ups should be about anarchy. Listening to the audio example, this is actually a bona fide remix — but very cool, nonetheless, and the techniques involved are anything but self-evident!