Tom at Musicthing is stunned by this as I am. Follow the chronology:

1982: Roland creates the TB-303 mono synth and TR-606 drum sequencer, a cheezy device
in itself but one that becomes the cornerstone for electronic dance
1982: Commodore introduces the C64 computer, with an enviable synth built-in.
2004: Prophet 64
is released, as (I'm not kidding) new software for the C64, complete
with TB-303/TR-606 inspired synth and sequencer. Emulation? Only sort of — obviously the
C64 can't run a soft synth, so this is actually using the built-in
sounds of the C64.
Today: Analog Devices' Chris Randall runs the Power64 C64 emulation on his Mac OS X machine so he can run software emulating the Roland.

Now if I just create a character version of Chris Randall in The Sims
on my PC, then have Sim Chris buy a Mac running the C64 emulation
running the . . . never mind, my head hurts. (See the original Musicthing and analog_devices stories.)

  • Guest

    not to be nitpicky but the 303 is a bassline synth not a drum machine…

  • Guest

    er yes.. the tb 303 was a monophonic synth. The popular x0x drum machines were the 909 and 808.

    Did anyone listen to the sound demos? Man that 303 sounds damn good. Can't believe a c64 SID can produce those sounds. Amazing!

  • admin

    I knew I needed to cut down on the vodka while editing.

    I conflated elements of the 303 and 606, both of which are incorporated into their designs.

    Updated the story (check out the new site links, both cool though the 303 page is a bit dated.)

    And look forward to a new "slap-the-editor" feature in the next revision of the site design. (Flash plug-in required.)

  • macboy

    Could I use my Macintosh with Mac OS X to run Microsoft Virtual PC
    to emulate WindowsXP, to run CherryOS Mac OS X emulation, to run Power64, to emulate C64, to run Prophet 64 to emulate the TB-303 and TR-606?

    That would be cool.


  • admin

    I think we need to stage this to see who can acheive maximum recursiveness.

    And anyway, watching fast CPUs drown in code is FUN.

  • Bailly Frederic


    but nothing about C-Lab scoretrack sequencer snif !