It's not enough to run rough emulations of vintage Roland instruments on your Commodore 64
— you need a way of making Christmas Cards in a vintage Roland font,
fast. to the rescue: download a very convincing-looking
rip-off the Roland font on this monophonic synth and drum machine.
Resumes look fantastic in the TB-303 font,
and your loved one will swoon at the sight of a sonnet in TR-606 script! Mac PS / Windows PS and TT.

Roland fonts: US$29.00 each.
Realizing you're such a geek that there's no turning back: Priceless.

  • Guest

    29 bucks for a font ? You've got to be kidding.

    I can identify with the fanatic admiration for vintage machines & other neato items, but I've got a real problem with laying out that much cash for a dinky font.

    Spend your money on something else. I'd donate money to a highly useful freeware program before paying for this load of shite.

  • Guest

    compare it to the original logo..
    It doesn´t even comes near! total rip-off!!

  • b|c

    I don't konw what this font is on about – but it looks nothing like the font on a tb-303!

  • shanto

    it has absolutely NOTHING with Roland

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