The musical installation art / alternative instrument madness
continues! Toke Oliver Barters of the UK has created a color scanner
that, when linked to a computer, produces sequences of sound from
colored objects placed on it. The glass disc rotates, so melodies can
be formed simply by adjusting placement of the colored objects; the
PowerBook responds with a changed soundscape. More info at radarstation and Toke's site. (Another great tip from interactive art blog near near future)

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    In case anyone was feeling creatively flat
    then this is the place to visit. An oscillating vortex of musos are gathered together to send an updraft into one's skirt at CDM.

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    I was out a while ago and I saw some electronic artists using a really cool control interface.

    It was basically a camera which was plugged into a pc, and the they had it pointed at a black matt and had all sorts of different coloured and shaped objects, which when they moved controlled pattern changes and volume changes in the software. It overlaid the control zones (Like 3 concentric circles divided into quarters) onto the video feed so they could see where they needed to drag things to make the changes happen.

    Does this ring any bells for anyone? I'd love to know more about this!

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    I think you mean the Audiopad:

    It's on my queue of stuff to cover, so stay tuned!

    It'd be great to know if any of the big players in software development have taken an interest in this stuff.

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    Awesome. Thanks very much 😀

    Love the site also. Checking back on a daily basis since I found out about it!