Apple's Airport Express is about to become a must-have. Rogue Amoeba's Slipstream
Mac OS X application will let you use any Mac application with the
Airport, not just iTunes. Pick an application source, choose the
Airport you want to send to, and you've got instant audio streaming
over Wi-Fi. The application is coming in early 2005 for US$25, with an
initial price of $20. (Screenshot shown is preliminary.) The product
hasn't been announced to the press yet, but Rogue did send an
announcement yesterday to its user list.

  • Guest

    How many people think that Apple will go after them?

    Personally I'm not sure – they could always just say that they used the JustePort information that they found online…

  • admin

    Doesn't look like any reverse-engineering to me. I can't see any objections from Apple here. (Very different, in other words, than hacking into the DRM on iPod.)

    Rogue has a good relationship with Apple as far as I know — it may be that Apple's folks were interested in pitching the iTunes solution, so didn't bother going this direction.

    Should be a great product if it works well.

  • Guest

    It *has* to use some reverse-engineering; the audio stream sent to the XPress is encrypted, and supposedly only Apple knew the format…

  • Guest

    Of course they use the info from JustePort. It's either that or they got a license from Apple (not likely).

    Pretty dishonest of them to pretend that they're the first.