Jerry Halstead has taken a beautiful photo of the Tranzport wireless DAW remote,
my essential tech of the week for Gizmodo, for those of you who can't
get enough of drooling over tech. The device looks just gorgeous; I'll
obviously post when this ships, expected in March 2005. Jerry also
talks a bit about the challenges of product photography, though nothing
may make me any better at it!

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    so what's that jack socket on the side? it would be cool if it was a walkman headphone out, so you could monitor while wandering around the house. sort of.

  • admin

    I'm almost certain it's NOT a headphone jack — that would require streaming audio and that's not a feature of this device.

    But I don't know what the jack is. Maybe you can plug in a pedal for punch in/out?

    This device isn't in manufacturing, so what we're probably looking at is a prototype; the finished model may have that jack labeled.

    (all above comments speculative)


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    Several sources state, "A footswitch input is included to control key functions like punch in/out via a standard footswitch." Maybe that's what is in the picture?

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    Yup, that is indeed the footswitch jack. Finished units will look just like this working show model. Should be shipping late April.