I get these kind of requests all the time. "Peter, thanks for the
helpful coverage on the USB MIDI controllers, but when will someone finally release audio hardware I can really use, like a concrete block that plays algorithmic music for 30 years?"

Yes, folks: it's a piece of concrete.
With a DSP chip inside. That can randomly generate algorithmic music
for 30 years (after which, it dies . . . unless it's robot soul goes
insane thinking about its own mortality, a la Blade Runner). Good news
for DIY types, though: the Boston-based DSP collective that created
this is working on a new cheap DSP box anyone can use. Encase it
concrete if you like, or (more useful) use it in your own installation
or performance rig. More on that soon. [Thanks, eyebeam]

  • triage

    Utterly astounding piece of work. The poetry of the technogreek site copy ripples through the ether. I must admit that at times it sounds like a literate hoax (can You tell – is it?).

    BTW, what's the volume level; how is it amplified?

    Otherwise … I would certainly like to get one.

  • admin

    Something in the water up by MIT, I think? :grin

    The DSP box inside, though, is very cool — just chatted with the folks and will have more details later in the week.

    I think this was certainly at least a little tongue-in-cheek; beauty is that with this DSP chip you can install sound creation in anything you like, no expensive hardware or computer required! Build your own PowerCore, in other words! (Well, if you can code your own plugins . . . more on that soon . . .)

  • Guest

    it is I, one of the creators.

    no, it is not a hoax…

    about the volume, it's
    fixed at headphone level.