Many are disappointed by the announcement of Reason 3.0; it's an
evolutionary release that still lacks key features like audio recording
in an otherwise fantastic program. But on the upside, Propellerhead is
pricing Reason and upgrade low enough that it's a great time to pick up
the program or upgrade.

According to Propellerhead's 3.0 FAQ,
Reason 2.5's price has been reduced by the upgrade price difference — making it US$129 / EUR 99 cheaper. Not excited by what's
new in 3.0? Pick up 2.5 at a lower price and pocket the difference. Further evidence of the
value of this app for sample lovers: the long parade of free ReFill packs continues, with today's release of a free REX pack from Doctor Filter — Back Bone Beatz.

In other words, love it or hate it, don't expect this app to go away any time soon.


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  • Guest

    the price of 2.5 has been lowered by 129$ NOT to 129$ – it is still fairly expensive.

    Not that it isn't worth the price, it most definetly is, and 3.0 is going to be yummy.

  • admin

    Reason 3.0 is in fact $129 less not just $129. (Too bad!)

    In fact, a bigger price cut might be just what Reason needs to pummel its competitors. But guess we won't see that anytime soon.

    Sorry for the mistake — I think I was confused by an odd translation in the FAQ that said 'with $129' instead of 'by'.

  • Guest

    who cares. reason is nothing more than a toy and will be till the get VST and audio in it.

    was great 2 years ago but it's just shit now.

    fuck reason. get ableton live.

  • Guest

    Hey, you could f*** Reason and you could f*** Live; but put them together and you've got a really juicy threesome!

    Seriously, I've found the combination of the two to be awesome. I use Reason predominantly in the studio with Live for VST and large sample handling. And then I use Live predominantly when performing live with Reason for live keyboard accompaniment. Definitely two great tastes that go great together.

  • admin

    Absolutely a great combination, always has been, always will be. (So I guess you're the third in the menage-a-trois? I have no idea what Reason, Live, and Max/MSP do to each other when I leave . . .)

    Propellerheads clearly sees Reason as an instrument. In fact, their name for ReWire slave/master is "instrument"/"mixer". So you could use it with any number of hosts. Likewise, Live works quite well with Glaresoft's iDrum as a Mac drum machine, MOTU Mach Five as a sampler (on Mac), or any number of other things.

  • admin

    Oh, by the way, sorry for the censorship. Family site and whatnot. (Seriously. I just got an email from a five-year-old who's gotten quite adept with Apple Logic. Okay, not really.)

    Just please try to watch your f***in' language. 😉

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