Have fond memories of Speak & Spells? Wish you could completely
warp them, then turn them into a musical instrument? Too
circuitry-challenged to circuit bend your own, and already got too many
weird gadgets in your mobile music bag? (I know you've been buying
everything mentioned on this site, so I understand.) Now you can
download a Mac, Windows, or Flash version of the Speak & Roil,
and play with original Speak & Spell sounds — or their horribly
violated warped versions — from the comfort of your iBook. What? You
think software is for poseurs? Roil Noise has plenty of real circuit bending resources, too, plus a Yahoo group.

I was a deprived child who never had the original toy, so I'm still in
love with the 'un-bent' Speak & Spell sounds. You know you want to
fire the vocalist in your band.

UPDATED: Okay,this is just a little Flash toy with some sampled
Speak & Spells (though it's fun to play with). Why didn't I
complain that this wasn't a full-blown, analog physical-modeled
circuit-bent Speak & Spell? I don't dream that big. Analog
Industries' Chris Randall had just that vision, though, before I wrote this story, as musicthing points out today.

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    When I first started the
    Speak & Roil project, I considered making it a VST or an .exe, but after contemplating it
    for a day or so, decided that the best way to go was Flash. I wanted to make
    something that everyone could have some fun with and sample from if they want, not just musicians with Cubase or Fruityloops (and for those that don't want to or can't afford spending $50 to $250+ dollars on Ebay!) So anyway, I do like the idea of a fully random math VST or .exe synth instrument, but that would take someone that is really good at coding to be able to write the kind of algorithms
    needed to pull it off. I am not that person.

    My friend at Sonic Alienz http://www.dubcollective.co.uk/sonicalienz/sonica… did a cool little VSTi thingy using Synthedit. I don't think it does math either, but honestly,
    I really don't think it matters. If someone wants to have circuit bent sounds that badly, they should just get a real speak device and record it themselves…
    or (the best choice)…learn how to circuit bend. Otherwise it almost feels like cheating somehow. Why have a glitched-out random voice synth generator playing in Cubase when the real thing is 1000x cooler? I kept thinking while I was making the Speak & Roil how much time I was wasting that I could be actually circuit bending, ya know? :grin Oh well, it was a fun project. I'll have a version 3 out after a few months. It will have three more layers of sound, and it will contain sounds from all 3 Speak devices.


  • admin

    Yeah, I have to agree, it seems like the point of circuit bending sort of depends on software. What's cool about this is portability, and having a toy people can play with to see what a bent S&S is like.

    And you need a Flash toy to play at work. 😉

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    i have several speak and math, read, spells and i dont wanna treat them. do you really wanna broke a speak and spell compact ? do you act so hard?…

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    😕 make not much sense the last post does. compact? hard? no bend. Huh… whatever. :sigh

  • junklung

    i think we need this speak n roil in vsti version aswell