Want to say hello to readers from Gizmodo as today we unveil
my new weekly feature over there. I'll be rounding up the latest in
music tech each week for Gizmodo, and doing my weekday coverage here.
Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think of this site if
you're new; I'm always happy to chat!

What? You don't read Gizmodo? Check it out for cool and oddball gizmos, always fun, always drool-worthy.

  • Guest

    But wanted to mention the site looks a little weird when viewed with Navigator 7.01. That is, the content creeps to the left of the gray line that goes down the page. I wish that I was smart enough to tell you how to fix this. Thanks for cool posts.


  • admin

    There are some funky things about this template, which I adapted from the Mambo default — it's on my list of fixes, including some RSS oddness. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Peter

  • Guest

    Nice site, good content.

    But I read this from within feedreader and have minor problems:

    1. Could you put a permalink on every post?

    2. Could you reduce the usage of JavaScript?

    Otherwise, straight ahead, keep up the good work!


  • admin

    Thanks for the thoughts, Tony.

    Now that we're up and rolling I need to go back and do some work — I'm very quickly finding out what's great about Mambo and what's utterly lame.