Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack has a new rival for recording audio from any Mac app: Ambrosia has announced its new audio recording utility WireTap Pro
(US$19). WireTap Pro boasts a one-button interface, direct AIFF, MP3,
and AAC recording support, iCal integration for scheduled recording of
radio, and even sharing of recording scheduling packages with other
users. (That last feature could be the killer feature.) One feature
Audio Hijack has it doesn't: it doesn't look like there's effects
capabilities or by-application control. Crazy power users like me may
want both utilities, especially with the $9 crossgrade from Audio Hijack.
WireTap's simple interface, though, is very appealing.

In other (not surprising news), the original, free WireTap has been
discontinued, though I found that app didn't work well with recent OS

  • Scott Chandler

    WireTap Pro still features all the same great FREE FEATURES as the olfer free original WireTap. If you download the app and use the same features, it works exactly like the original. If you want the new cooler stuff like scheduling, trimming, and MP3/AAC compression from inside this single app instead of using orther tools, you'll have to pay a few bucks.