It's one of those electronic music DIY dreams: building drum pads from
scratch. Sound on Sound had an article in 1995 that goes through, step
by step, how to build a drum pad and trigger system. You'll want to check out the Physical Computing
page, too. Anyone want to give this one a try? Hit comments if you
have, are planning to, or have other good resources. (Stay tuned for my
own adventures in piezo sensors.)

  • bardp

    I'd like to try to build one, but I can't find the diagram the article refers to.

  • admin

    Hmmm . . . same problem here. Anybody got SOS back issues from 95? I'll try on my next library visit.

  • Guest

    I Googled "DIY drum pads" and found a site with instructions…

  • Guest

    I remember that article well, I used it to build my own triggers using Radio Shack piezo's, and plugged them into my Alesis D4 drum machine. Was really simple to do, and worked great.

  • Marino Mamac

    I needed a diagram for e-pads through piezo trigger to pc ps2 keyboard. Is there any out there?

    I think it's easier to use coz it's plug and play to any music software. example(cakewalk virtual keyboard)


  • Marino Mamac

    Thank's a lot guys… I already solve my problem.. my ps2 controller wired with piezo as a drums… 2nd my old yamaha with musical keyboard with midi in and midi out wired with piezo.. thanks… email me if you are interested…

  • matt

    I am trying to get a diagram of the inside of a Wii Guitar hero drum kit to figure out how to send the piezo signal to the wii remote to guitar hero.

  • kurtdaniel

    A buddy and me made a similar kit using a PVC for the rack, and plywood and rubber for the pads. Played pretty darn good

    check this: