Defragmentation is still critical for peak disk performance
for digital audio, even under new versions of OS X — even the Apple
Logic documentation suggests it. Only problem is: there's not much on
the Mac that's any good. Some utilities even require you to boot into
OS 9. Which is why today's announcement of Drive Genius from Prosoft is such good news:

  • Full drive optimization / defragmentation
  • Directory analysis, repair, and rebuilding
  • On-the-fly partitioning (no reboot needed)
  • Testing capabilities, media surface scanning, data integrity
  • Department-of-Defense File Deleting (for the audio mix you REALLY didn't like)

This is the kind of robust utility we've got access to on Windows but
that's been lacking on the Mac, and there's reason to trust Prosoft:
they've done some of the innards for Apple's own utilities. Once the
NAMM news dies down, I'll have full reviews of this and other drive
products for Windows and Mac. Trust me, your audio mix needs it.

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  • Guest

    It must be a bootable dvd/cd OR be able to run concurrently on the OS volume while the OS is running.

  • Guest

    Dont use this for defragmentation, I just spend hours reinstalling my system after using this bogus deal!

  • Guest

    Any chance that this tool makes my ntfs external drive writable on osX?