The hardware keyboard empire, on the sidelines for the
computer music renaissance, is striking back with new hybrid hardware. And
Linux is spreading through digital music equipment — fast. Witness the
new Linux-powered Korg behemoth: the second-generation OASYS keyboard announced today, as rumors predicted.

  • Linux-powered computer, running entirely-proprietary Korg software on top (expansion appears to be proprietary, too, via ROM)
  • 10.4" touchscreen display
  • 16-track HD audio recording plus MIDI sequencing
  • Second-generation KARMA synthesis engine
  • MIDI control surface
  • On-board effects processing
  • CD Burner
  • I hear there's a keyboard in there somewhere, too

The Korg looks significantly less flexible and more expensive than the Windows-powered Neko keyboards from Open Labs.
But, on the other hand, there's little comparison: this beast will run
like a traditional hardware keyboard, whereas the Neko is at its heart
a PC in a keyboard body. Which you prefer is a matter of taste if you
can afford either, which I can't.

Tip for Korg: since you use words like "Micro" to describe the inexpensive, compact keyboards, why not "GargantuaOasys?" No?

Availability: When I win the lottery
Price: If you have to ask . . .

Pricing is somewhere between US$6700-$8000 for the 76-key model
(weirdly, a huge range depending on your vendor), to up to US$8500 for
the 88-key model. If you can afford this, contact me and let me know so
I can come rob you.

Also, check out Keyboard Magazine's Making of the OASYS.
Unfortunately, scant details on its custom Linux OS. (Okay, actually NO
details — but other interesting history behind the keyboard.)

  • Guest

    …it is less than $3K and I'm not sure how they can achieve that price.

    I guessed they must have slashed the throats of all the market researchers at Korg.


  • Guest

    say it's 7K$

    I hope the rumors are wrong.

    well, actually, I don't really care..

  • Guest

    Sweetwater are listing this thing at $8499.00 for the 88 key model. So that's a top-spec G5, a copy of Logic 7, a whole bunch of plugins, a small stack of vintage synths and any soundcard you like. And still change for a monitor that's a hell of a lot bigger than 10.4 inches…

  • Guest

    Don't know if it runs VST plug ins, but spec-wise it still falls short of Neko.

    Love the karma stuff tho, just don't want the $7000 dongle attached to the sw. That's one expensive copy protection device!

  • Guest

    i just heard the OASYS demo at Namm yesterday. This bad boy sounds better than any hardware or software synth to-date. In fact it sounds so damn good I have to find a way to get one. I'll drive that old Saturn for another couple years…

  • Guest

    oasys is the best hardware
    ever produced till today
    thank`s korg for this great sounding workstation
    there is no better soft/hardware solution on the market

  • Guest

    You must be kidding. KORG has armed the OASYS with KARMA II, while Neko isn't nothing special in the matter of sounds. It is shipped with a bunch of freeware plugins – and this is basically a PC. So you have a beautiful legacy of Windows on PC. Of course every sampler or sound module is simply a specialized computer. But after some experiance with softsynths – no, thanks. I want to switch it on and that's everything. No BSODs, no CheckDisk, no virii. I want to play the piano, not play WITH the piano.

  • admin

    What about the OASYS' fire-retardent properties?

    Korg fiddles while Neko burns?

  • Guest

    It seems like a very nice big screen Triron-Karma unit, but please let me know when the price is around $4500.00 or less, where i think it it should be.

  • Guest

    This whole keyboard is just another korg studio. The real question is with all of these new processors. Prices are going to coming down. How does korg expect to sell a lot of these OASYS. Because on the real side 7 to 8 grand is not easy to come by.

  • rob v.d. voort


    I have a yamaha tyros 2.

    maybe it doesn't have all the featurss of a oasis but it has perfect sound (all stereo) and it is perfect and costs a lot cheaper.

    i stay by my tyros

    if you can't afford a oasis the tyros 2 is a very good option.

  • louie louie

    if GOD played a keyboard he would play/ is playing the OASiS.

  • terry morgan

    what about storage? can you connect external hard drives to it..So all that is required is two reference monitors? and you've got a studio.

    i wish it had more or unlimited mid and audio tracks available (of course based on the amount of memory available.

  • Dustin Ryan

    I own an oasys. Yea it was expensive, but it was worth it. D-

  • The OASYS is craaaaaaaaaaazzzyy i love its sounds , effects , all around the best keyboard me and my business partner have ever played we definately want one of these beasts

    check out our music

  • Rick

    If the Korg OASYS is based on Linux, then how much of the software is GPL? Does this mean that Korg has to publish the software or make part of it available to the Open Source community?

    If it is based on Open Source Linux, then shouldn't the Source Code, or the GPL portion anyway, be made available?

  • delois

    I've had the opportunity to demo this Board. Soundwise it is great.Fat sounds great drums Perfect. But i also own a roland x-8. Of course no comparison. system to system.But for me the bottom line to is arrangement. No matter what you use if your not a good arranger it aint gonna matter much. I just landed a deal using my x8 and a jv2080.Im also an midi / digital engineer and vocalist.Yes once the smoke clears i will most likely purchase this board because overall superb quality.So arrangement plus coupled with an oasys my be the hook up. the only thing i would like to see is more midi tracks and audio.

    also i guess you can hook up external hardives?

    how about this protools verses oasys?

  • I own a Korg Triton Extreme plus the Korg D3200 32 trax HDD recorder. I run this on with CubeBase on my P.C. Great results plus half the cash. Also the average person cannot hear the difference. Sure if you have a trained ear the difference is obvious. But if my wife and my mother cant tell well…..arent they (ie the general publc) the true judge. Plus how long is the learning curve????

    A bit too complex for me………..and yes..i could buy one tomorrow, but the wife would have me neutered!!!!!




    i want to buy korg but confused

    i need it for stage but i dont know which one has the best and powerful sounds and quality what about m3 or pa 800? or maybe triton extreme? pls someone advise me

  • Jayjay

    Well I just bought one the other day and I also happen to have the Open Labs Miko. No comparison. The Open Labs is a fine toy with great looks but hey are you into keyboards for the show or for the sounds? If the answer is the sounds, then definately go for the Korg Oasys if you can make the 7000k cause it's worth every penny. It's just hell to get familiar with all the features and unfortunately there is no video tech support for the beast.

  • mickbuely

    hi there every one – hope yous had a realy nice one – iv blew 3 months of dieting in one day ha , all the best for new year – mick