VJ Fader, creator of Max/MSP/Jitter-powered Neuromixer (an excellent
video mixer with lots of support for controllers), now introduces a
first: VDrum is a step sequencer not only for audio, but video, too. The first version was released today with the following features:

  • Sequence AV clips using on/off switches, via numeric pad or MIDI input
  • Record video and audio to hard drive
  • Multiple resolution support (as in Jitter)
  • Audio and video effects
  • Midi support

VJ Fader is looking for sample content to include, so contact him if you're interested.

Windows XP only for now, but the other software is cross-platform so this may be, too, very soon.

  • I tried this out and it was really glitchy. not at all effective for real jawa style edits and only fun for playing at home. not ready for live use at all. you're better off editing at home and beatmatching mixing your dvd tracks usings something like virtual dj. I'm working with another artist now to build a similar device that's midi controlled but more stable. maybe later versions will be better. I'll keep an eye on this in the hopes of some improvement.