Tube 5.1 Surround Headphones

Clearly, the future of headphones is surround sound, delivered by "acoustical alloy" tubing worn around the head. I have no qualms whatsoever about this device. I'm sure the surround effect is completely successful, and I think the claim of "mastering" as an application is an excellent idea — if you're mastering professional 5.1 surround mixes, […]

Build Windows VST Instruments; Free VST Links

If you're on Windows, you can build your own instruments and effects for $20 or even free, and you have an incredibly broad range of free plugins. (Mac users, don't despair: some of the instrument and effect links are Mac-VST or AU, too.) Check out SynthEdit, the US$20 shareware for building your own VST instruments […]

Peter Kirn - February 2, 2005

PowerBook G5: Keep On Waiting

News flash: Apple isn't releasing a PowerBook G5 anytime soon. A G5 laptop would be bulky, hot, and power-hungry. And ugly. Is it possible? Yes. But it's going to be a while. A long while, like probably 2006. Sound eerily familiar? Only because CDM has been saying just that over and over again, along with […]

Peter Kirn - February 2, 2005

PowerBook: The Theme Song

Peter Kirn - February 2, 2005

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