A DJ in Rome was fined an incredible EUR 1.4 million for the
2,000 MP3s and 500 digital music videos he was gigging with, reports Macworld UK. (via thedigitalmusicweblog)
The Italians don't mess around: a coordinated police effort is hunting
down illegal music use, and the DJ's home was raided to prove he didn't
own CDs of the music he had.

I guess I won't complain so much about the US record industry. When in Rome . . . watch your hard drive. (Oh, and don't steal your breast implants, either.)

  • Guest

    That is a little much don't ya think

  • admin

    It's totally, completely out of line . . . either that, or DJs / musicians in Italy are REALLY well paid and I should brush up my Italian and move now!