Percussa micro super signal processor

As part of CDM's ongoing construction of the "Completely Free Studio,"
I'm working on assembling good freeware hosts for Windows and Mac.
(Linux, of course, being a no-brainer!) Here's what's on my recommend
list at the moment:

  • Audio editor: Audacity (open source), Win/Mac/Linux, with the addition of the VST Enabler / LADSPA bridge for Linux plugs
  • Windows: Buzz, freeware, lets you host VSTs as well as build your own effects and instruments
  • Mac: The Mac's a bit lacking in the freeware department, but while Rax
    is technically $29.95 shareware it will host/record one AU instrument
    at a time. (A great app, worth spending $30 on — but then no longer in
    this category.)

Already, you can see some of the problems. There's no real
cross-platform free host, Buzz doesn't support DirectX, and Rax is
limited unregistered and even if you shell out the $30 doesn't support
VST. The Mac in particular is disappointing in this round. Why worry
about freeware at all? Because if an app is free, everyone can use it
— critical, for example, in college computer music classes.

Of course, if you're geek enough, there's Pure Data
(free, Mac/Windows/Linux) from Miller Puckette, but it's got an
interface so ugly and hard-to-use it makes its cousin Max/MSP look like
GarageBand, and documentation is scant.

Am I leaving anything out? Hit comments!

Stay tuned here for the Official CDM Freeware Studio, emerging in the next few weeks!