What if you took an iPod, a drum pad / controller, and a
high-end VJ mixer, and put them together? You'd get something like the
new Korg Kaptivator. Here's what it does:

  • 40 GB hard drive for storing video clips
  • Two LCDs for watching what you're doing
  • Manipulate clips with an Akai sampler-style touchpad, cross-fader, ribbon controller
  • Built-in video effects
  • Live video and audio input
  • Video, audio, DV/FireWire, MIDI ins and outs, including separate preview video outputs

Details and pictures are on the Japanese-only site Pixdisc;
apparently this was shown at a dealer conference in Japan, so all
availability/specs/price are unknown. Stay tuned, because you can bet I
want to know when this thing comes out in the States! (via vjcentral)

Do any of our readers read Japanese? Contact me (or comment here) if so.

Updated: As a reader points out in comments, there's a lively discussion on vjcentral. (Flip straight to page two
for a fantastic lineup of Akai/Boss-style 4×4 drum pad triggers and . .
. ooh, sorry, my heart stopped beating. Ah, the MPC1000 . . .)

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    KORG image sampler reference exhibition

    The コルグ corporation being new product concert of the synthesizer, for VJ, “kaptivator” having referred and exhibiting the new equipment.

    “Image sampler” this machine of concept
    Taking in image from external input, the total 100 banks (the maximum of 800 clips, approximately 106 minutes) to retention possibility. In addition, dividing into two groups, simultaneous playback of two images inside a certain clip probably will put out possibility, is.

    The resolution which becomes matter of concern impression of S-VHS level (* the original format) with, calls also the response rather, feeling.
    Sampling inside, other than outputting the image which it takes in, input/output of external line input and DV is possible, image and the mixing inside also it is possible to do.

    * The DV input/output terminal has been attached to the front

    * Rear panel

    Function and with built-in, two liquid crystal monitors the image effector – as belong.
    The function which is necessary for VJ at this 1 unit is loaded everything.

    Other than monitoring the attachment, it is possible to check image even with the monitor outside.
    As for this on site it is not rather delightful function, probably will be?

    * The left side it is the monitor which looks at the image which the monitor and the right side of output image register.

    * Setup example

    It is what you feel that it means that I should feature, to be able to correspond to the PAL/NTSC both image signal, either one output to be able to set freely.

    For example with NTSC it samples image news item in this equipment, when playing in the PAL sphere, if designating output as PAL, it does the fact that that way image is put out to the projector of the locale.
    VJ as for the one whose it is many to play, it is not the treasure to do in the foreign country, probably will be?

    In any case function such as the sequence function which can record the operation of playing to in addition to is the て densely this hardware of quantity.
    To the one which from the VJ beginner is used hard with club, it may become the equipment which can be expected rather, is.

    The fact that it becomes matter of concern is price, but this probably will put out with sale time undecided, is.

  • admin

    Yes, we didn't learn anything from that Babelfish translation, but it has my favorite line ever:

    "It is what you feel that it means that I should feature"

    Hmm, sounds like an English-speaking Korg product rep.

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    Discussion and better tech details Here

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    Source page http://www.pixdisc.com/ja/vj/archives/000126.shtm

    not VJCENTRAL :p

  • admin

    I cited both the Pixdisc and VJ Central pages above!

    Though my Japanese is a little, um, rusty. Sumimasen.

  • Superb! Could be Korg have scored where Ediroll try to tread.

    I'm very excited about this, it has applications beyond the obvious.

    They could have slipped up with the price and features, but Korg seem to be pretty awake these days – aka PadKontrol is best "featured" padder so far and great value. (Pads may be a bit, but then…)