Percussa micro super signal processor

We missed MOTU's NAMM announcements in my travels, though in the
meantime they've had time to put details up on their site, so here you

MOTU's MachFive
sampler version 2 adds standalone operation, unlimited parts, a
full-screen preset browser and expanded views of many other sampler
components, a groove-slicing engine called LoopLab (related to DP's
beat detection?) and real-time stretching, plus new layering and a
built-in mixer. Lots of small enhancements on their own, but together
this a very big update. Free upgrade if you buy now.

Version 2 of the MX4
synth will be a free upgrade for existing owners. (Thanks, MOTU!!) The
new version adds built-in effects, a tempo-locked pattern gate and
arpeggiator, sample & hold, and plenty of other features. (Still no
Windows version, though?)

What's most exciting here? For me, loop slicing in MachFive and the
wild (but fairly accessible-looking) pattern gate in MX4 are huge. I'm
most excited right now about the MX4 as I use version 1 because of its
unusually flexible and easy oscillator assignments. Sure, we've had
lots of advanced synths, but 2005 looks like it'll be a great year for
soft synths that are easy and fun to use. More as these come out.

Compatibility: MX4 – OS X; MachFive – Windows/OS X