A new audio software collective called plasq
has released Musolomo, a free Mac OS X AudioUnit instrument. It's
designed for sampling, playing, and manipulating audio from a MIDI
keyboard — so you can work from the keyboard instead of staring at
your computer screen. That's right, finally your audiences will know
you're doing something musical and not just chatting on IM.

Congratulations to CDM reader Cris 'Atariboy' Pearson, who's on the
plasq team! Cris tells us the best host for Musolomo is Ableton Live —
and the streamlined MIDI interface means you can tuck Musolomo into the
effects for a track and control the rest of the Live interface with
whatever other clever controllers you have. (Meaning, if you're
Monolake or Sasha, your own custom controller!)

plasq does plan to port this for Windows, but "how fast" is dependent
on how many Windows users bug them about it. (Wow, this is a reversal
— usually that's the Mac crowd. Okay, Windows lovers, get cracking!)

I'm really excited about this instrument, so expect more soon.

Cost: Free
Compatibility: OS X AU
Windows users: Hit the forum on plasq's site and let them know you want this on Windows VST, too!

  • Guest

    This thing seems great. One thing I was missing coming over from DP to Live was the POLAR module for creating thick layered overdubs quickly. This seems like the perfect fix and then some. Still have yet to play with it. I'm sure that once I do I will donate to the plasq cause. : )

  • matt bronka

    yea its good. very much so….

    just mentioning that it is not compatable with logic….