Audio jacks? We don't need no stinkin' audio jacks: two Numark
2-channel DJ mixers now connect via USB, instead. Hook up two
Windows/Mac laptops to the mixer and mix directly without an audio
interface, complete with cross-fader, gain control on inputs, the
works. You don't even need USB drivers on either platform, thanks to
class-compliance. More interestingly, you can use the same USB
connection to record your final mix, so this is ideal for DJs who need
to keep track of their sets.

  • DM950USB
    is the more compact and affordable of the two, though it has all the
    basic 2-chanel mixer features you'd expect. Street price around US$60
  • DXM01
    is 24-bit, has "intelligent bass enhancement, far superior to EQ",
    all-digital faders, and various other goodies — and looks prettier.
    Street price around US$250.

In fact, this is just as ideal for any laptop musicians — including
non-DJs — who want to work with two laptops. And if you're concerned
you're required to use the two USB ports, you're not: 2 line, 2 phono,
1 mic, too. So that could be one laptop, one turntable, a feed from a
digital audio interface if you need to plug a mic into the computer,

I'm not a DJ, and I'm ready to go grab one. Stanton hasn't added USB to
their mixers yet, as near as I can tell. Betcha they will.

  • Guest

    Why does it still have to be two laptops – can't you run two players off one computer?

    That's something I'd get behind, for sure.

  • admin

    Two computers opens other possibilities, including as many as four players. It could also be a computer + a turntable, a computer + a CD player, computer + Korg Entrancer VJ/audio machine — anything you can imagine, because you have both USB and audio ports.

  • Guest

    Numarks innovation has been present for a while, in fact for a lot longer than there equipment usually holds up. Good thing its so inexpensive, it could be disposable.

  • admin

    My guess is you'll see Stanton, others follow suit soon as far as USB. And new computers (like the new high-end PowerBooks) can eliminate the need for USB entirely by including built-in digital ins and outs. You'll still want an interface for some tasks, but for DJing you can leave it at home.

  • Guest

    First thing that popped into my mind was Integrated Final Scratch in a Mixer. No more plugging and unplugging the scratch amp.

    What would be REALLY cool is an MORE affordable competitor to Final Scratch and Rane's offering by Numark or Gemini.

    Wonder if someone can create a software Hack to make this mixer work like a Scratch Amp and with Traktor software. Hmmm, how would U do pitch control?

    I like this! Street price of $60…

    I'm getting one (if it still has standard audio jacks too).

  • Guest

    i wonder if you just used 2 usb jacks if it would work the same as using 2 computers, i.e. if you wanted to control 1 laptop's traktor instead of 2?

  • admin

    Love the idea of built-in Final Scratch/mixer. Fabulous.

    And yes, if you can run two USB interfaces at once in your software, you could feed each USB out to a different end of the mixer.

  • Guest

    will it work with traktor

  • Darko

    I'm actually thinking of buying one… the thing is…will it work with one comp & two sound cards …?

    if so…

    Can I play on Traktors players and assign each one to a different sound card… and then feed em back to da mixer…?

    …I think they made a big mistake for not adding kill switches like on a DX06…

  • Carlos E Rodriguez

    I am wondering how is it possible to connect my laptop to the mixer and have this device work on a single laptop, the program i have is Virtual dj. Is it possible to move the crossfader on virtual dj and listen to the other side on the headphones without interupting the song that is currently playing

  • Ronnie

    Is it possible to connect my KoolSound CDS-220P CD System to my laptop and intergrate it with virtual dj and use it to scratch or mix on virtual dj like how its done with Behringer BCD2000 USB Mixer.

  • hanny

    Hey all,

    Just so you know, these devices have integrated audio cards built into it. That's what makes it great, you can actually connect this to a single computer, and run both usb cords to the computer. The computer will recognize each usb as a seperate "audio device". Thus open up for example windows media player run to "device 1" and open up winamp and send to "device 2". The mixer will take care of the rest, u can fade, monitor the tracks, all w/ 2 SEPERATE

  • hanny

    sorry, hit enter on acccident…

    SEPERATE audio signals. Very advantagious if you ask me. Obviously dj software w/ support for 2 soundcards will integrate everything much nicer, but def. will be picking one up soon.

  • Adrian Scott

    I need help.

    i have a budjet home setup:

    Xenxy 802 mixer

    Mxl 900 Microphone

    and the computer software ect.

    Ive been recording vocals…"mic to mixer to line input". which is what im told the correct way to do it. But i recently moved and Now i have to use my …LAP TOP (dammit)…and it doesnt have a mic input. And we all know the mic input SUCKS with its stupid (telphonic sound)

    Now ive been told that you can connect the mixer to the USB port and get the same line in quality. What kind of hardware would i need to do that?

  • Adrian Scott

    srry i meant it doesnt have a "LINE" input

  • deano

    hey everyone, just need a little help on recording mixes…

    i have two cdj poineer 200's with a numark DMX01 usb mixer. with a usb connection cable. also just bought new macbook laptop.

    i want to start recording mixes. do i need to download software to do this?

    do i need to be running audio cables from my mixer into my laptop aswel az da usb cable?


  • Gui

    Hi there, I am a beginner in laptop mixing. I´ve got virtual dj and i want to buy a mixer. In a shop, someone told me I don´t need a usb mixer, he said a non-usb mixer can be used with a laptop… but i have some doubts, i mean… do i need a sound card if I want to use a non-usb mixer with a laptop? or can i plug directly a mixer to my laptop?

    …. many thanks … cheers