Yes, I’m sure I’m late to the party on this one, but I couldn’t resist sharing. What’s better than a personality quiz in Cosmo Magazine? Almost anything. What’s better than a ‘what synth are you?’ quiz? Absolutely nothing.

korg triton

You are a Korg Triton

  • You have multi-sampled preset sounds ranging from opera to bongos and a fancy touch screen control panel

  • You are f’cking new school
  • Very modern and hi tech
  • You have to have the latest and best of everything
  • You think you are better than everyone [Ed: What do you mean, think? -PK]
  • You probably like house or trance or somthing like that [Ed: No, but I like Apple Logic Pro — basically the software DAW equivalent. -PK]

    what synthesizer are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Now, surely that couldn’t be me, could it?

    • Guest

      I was a Korg Triton too

    • admin

      We've clearly identified the standard profile of a CDM reader! Scary.

      I probably scared everyone else away.

      But don't be worried — stay.

      We're BETTER than everyone else. 8)

    • Guest

      Same thing here, and I tried to not choose pro-house questions. I guess I failed javascript:ac_smilie(':upset')

    • Guest

      I am a Yamaha DX-7 according to the quiz. That's cool but I am probably more accurately a circuit bent casio sk-1.

    • Guest

      I was a juno 60

      and that was the first synth I ever owned!!

      There is black magic in that there quiz.

    • Guest

      Errrrp…I'm apparently a Casio SK1

    • Guest

      casio sk1.

      should have been a CZ, but it's close enough..

    • admin

      I think we've established a clear trend. CDM readers are on the fringe of Casio SK-1 and Korg Triton. You're a sorta circuit-bent Oasys kinda crowd. Nerdy snobby new-wave oldskool.

      We're Apple Logic Pro coupled with a homebrewed theremin.

      Works for me.