Unreal Tournament 2004 has been turned into a custom gaming
environment and film studio, so why not music production environment,
too? That's the question asked by Vladimir Todorovic, who has created the custom Unreal installation tadar.game music. (via the most futuristic blog on the Web, near near future)

Best of all, you're invited. There's an open call for collaborators, and a tutorial for how to import your own sounds into Unreal, plus a free custom production environment for both UT2003 and 2004 so you can build your own Unreal worlds. Todorovic's music is worth a listen, too.

Imagine going beyond traditional music UIs, and constructing your own
custom 3D networked music environments — extraordinarily cool. There's
plenty of potential here to be explored.

  • Guest

    greetings! yes, an interesting development… we've been using the same engine for about 18 months now developing conceptual performances. the first work was performed 21 Jan 2004 in melb, australia:

    Floating Point

    we have near completed a performance title Star Maker and have commenced work on an opera, Auslaender und Staatenlose. some shots from performances and dev screens:

    Son of Science interactive performance engine via UT2004

    it is an incredible environment to be working in…

    andrew garton

  • admin

    Keep us posted on this stuff, Andrew; that looks great, too.

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