Video has come to blogging / media sharing, via vimeo — think flickr
for photos. (The name embeds the word 'me' in the word 'video' for word
geeks.) The most interesting feature is the service's ability to
combine video clips into a single stream. It's blog TV. You can't
upload yet as the site is in closed beta, but the full service is
coming "soon," says the site. (via Dave's Imaginary Sound Source)

So here's the big question: blogging software (like Movable Type) and even full-blown content management systems (like Mambo, which runs this site) are almost entirely focused on text. What about:

  • Audio content handling, for musicians wanting to share their work?
  • Integrated automatic streaming?
  • Full multimedia handling, for easy sharing and collaboration on sound and video?

CDM readers, you've come through for me before. Am I missing something?
Is anyone in the open source community working on this problem? The
applications for academia and artists are particularly exciting.

  • Guest

    Well, you are right, but there is actually an option for MAC named "BlogWave Studio", I use it and it's great, although not very "customizable" yet.
    But you can upload video, audio, photos, text, albums, etcetcetc. THey require a .mac subscription, but you could sign up for a trial version and use it and post the outcome wherever you want. try it.

  • Castillo

    There is a neat piece of php script called Jamroom I think it might be what you’re looking for. 8)

  • admin

    Jamroom is more like it! And not only that, but it’s powering the indy weekly newspaper of my youth, Leo back in my Louisville, Kentucky hometwon. (see

    I’ll check it out and report back. Thanks for the link, Castillo!

    Now, I’d still like to see a flexible, open source media CMS that’s modifiable, but that’s for more involved (read: geeky) sharing, collaboration, and development — for getting a music site going this looks perfect.

    I also saw a package recommended for music sales and online downloads; I’ll bring you more on that as well.


  • admin

    GBP 25,000 . . . okay, sounds great.

    Or you could pay US$50 for this:

    Only limitation is you have to accept payments via PayPal, but the price is right! I'll cover this in more depth soon.

  • admin

    Good lord, you're right — Mambo + JamRoom integration! This solves so many problems for me.

    I'll report back soon on Mambo + JamRoom + EasyBe.

    Castillo and, erm, Guest, thanks! 🙂


  • Guest

    hey peter,

    interesting topic. jamroom seems to integrate with mambo to provide a solid solution for some:

    jamroom user guide

    However, what is that package recommended for music sales you mention? I haven’t seen anything out there but have been quoted about £25,000 to develop somthing to my specification!!

  • Guest

    thanks for the suggestion. I've actually had a long dialogue with alfred who develops easybe, and while it has a decent set of features at a good price, it has a HUGE Achilles heal! I won't give away the design flaw because this is a public forum and people may go out and abuse the existing easybe stores out there, but it should be pretty easy to figure out if you look.

    I'm sure alfred will get on it now that I've pointed it out to him, but it’ll involve recoding. Other than that it's the closest thing I've seen so far to an off-the-shelf solution, and with the stuff he's adding in v2.0 it should get even better. I really don't wanna spend that £25k!

  • Castillo

    Glad I could help, and btw kudos for your site this is my new daily reading in electronic music making. Keep the posts coming.
    P.S. I didn't know mambo… I will see what I can find, but definitely look forward to your review of both.

  • Hmm yeah .. There are plenty of CMS es out there ..

  • I was wondering if you could shed any new light on the same question for 2008 ? so much has progressed.

  • This one would be fantastic if it was developed further…It's simply a most!


  • Hey Peter, have you seen the MediaCore video cms platform?

    Basically it is just what you are looking for in terms of blog tv (and could be customized easily to fit your needs precisely since it is Open Source).

    It has full video support (YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Flash) and allows a user to browse video in any format on your site. It also handles audio really well and has full podcast support. For musicians it could really work well. It also can handle automatic streaming (Akamai, Simple CDN etc), and has built-in community features for commenting and sharing.

    Take a quick look at it because I think it may just meet your needs… and it's a lot more robust than Mambo, PHP Director or the like.