Hey, kids, you know what time it is? It's Free, um . . .
Wednesday. In which we try, mostly unsuccessfully, to keep up with the
ongoing flood of free audio stuff for Windows.

  • BetaBugs has added BugPass (bandpass filter which can double as a notch filter), and
  • Moneo (deconstructs a stereo signal and remaps each
    channel's panning and spectral content — which I'm sure has SOME use
    to SOMEONE), and
  • W1 Limiter to their collection. (via kvraudio) Why, that's in addition to existing stuff like
  • CRAYONfilter (simplified multipass filter with various modes) and
  • MONSTAchorus stereo chorus and
  • FLOFIdeluxe which is an effect that does something (filter + octave shift = mayhem?) and
  • SIMPLEsqueeze gain + brick wall limiter with  ONE KNOB. All free, all VST, all Windows.

But wait, if you act now, you can get (also via kvraudio) Tubester 1
integrated preamp / EQ / guitar speaker simulator. Also free, also VST.
Not likely to give Guitar Rig or AmpliTube a run for their money, but
not likely to make your money run, either. Ditto the
expander/gate/limiters and sidechain compressor, EQ, etc., etc. on slim slow slider's rather unfriendly-looking Japanese site.

"But I don't have a host," says you.

"But you do," says Dave of Dave's Imaginary Sound Space.

"But I have a Mac," says you.

"So do I," says I, before I say something absurd like have you considered buying Logic Pro 7?

Tune in next time when the Free Lunch series of CDM finally gets its
act together to stop being cute and put together a usable master guide
of free stuff for Windows . . . and Mac. Got some suggestions? Hit

  • Guest

    Here are the free VST and AU plugins I'm using:

    Buzzer, Buzzer2, and Generator from http://www.alphakanal.de/ (which are very good analog-modelling synths)

    MultiDelay: http://arne.knup.de/software/multidelay.php

    Big Tick's Cheeze Machine (super-nice string synth) and Ticky Clav: http://bigtick.pastnotecut.org/index.php

    BetaBugs Crayon Filter and MonstaChorus have also been ported to the Mac.

    Bram@Smartelectronix has done some seriously strange things here. Apulsoft ported them to MacOS X: http://www.apulsoft.ch/freeports/index.php

    There are a bunch of other free plugins ported to AudioUnits listed there, including daHornet, Chip32, and a bunch of other effects and instruments. That's a good place to start, I think.

    DestroyFX have a bunch of other neat things: http://destroyfx.smartelectronix.com/

    u-he's Zoyd is pretty neat and capable of some reasonably complex signal routing: http://www.u-he.com/zoyd/

    He's also got some other stuff on there.

    And, of course, Green Oak's Crystal: http://www.greenoak.com/crystal/

    These are most of what I have listed in Live, and most of them will pass Logic 7 AU validation as well.

    Josh – mute@sidehack.gweep.net

  • admin

    Crystal, Ticky Clav, DestroyFX etc. all just fabulous. And yeah, I'm using many of these on both Mac and PC.

    Part of what's appealing about many of these — the BetaBugs stuff being an excellent example — is not only that they're free, but that they're simple. Unfortunately, the commercial market often leads to complex software. It's so refreshing to have something clean and direct! And a lot sounds quite good. I know a lot of big-name pros using these, too. It ain't all Pro Tools TDM.