How much do you get out of this "point-one" upgrade to
interactive modular software Plogue Bidule (OS X/Windows)? An insane
amount, including these highlights:

  • Use joysticks, mouse, keyboards, and other HID devices for MIDI controls
  • New audio looper with more options: graphical loop point editing, adapts automatically to meter and stretches time, and more
  • A zillion new modules, including 32-channel audio playing and
    recording, a spectral file looper (!), and lots of new MIDI objects
  • VST bridge, bugfixes on OS X

Head to Plogue and check it out.

It's beautiful — even visually. It's elegant. It's simple. It's
stable. It's flexible. It's cheap. In other words, it's not Max/MSP —
and, great as that program is, it's about time there was another tool
on the block. And it hasn't even hit 1.0 yet. Keep trucking, Ploguers.

Cost: US$75
Availability: Now, download only
Compatibility: Win32 / Mac OS X

  • Guest

    the other day, i had to test out a plugin, and i went to my trusty bidule…for the first time in history, i couldnt get in at all. expired demo, and you had to PAY to get a key!! plus the latest cracked ver was 6.0. that was the last straw before deleting windows and installing linux..

  • Guest

    oh, its a cool program tho :)..and hey since its PortAudio/OpenGL can we get a linux port??? 😛

  • admin

    Bidule was released as a public beta; Plogue never claimed it should be free, so of course they're charging for a key! I think there's $75 worth of functionality there, personally.