Creating the ultimate workspace for digital music creation
isn't easy. You need the right mood — available liquor cabinet and
copious candles lining the piano is always a good start. And you need a
great desk and office chair. Right now, I'm thinking about finding a
great new, ergonomic chair — see Joy of Tech's clever analysis of office chair options, and what I really want, of course, which is the Herman Miller Aeron.

CDM asks its readers: what's your workspace look like? What's your furniture of choice? And what workspace do you dream of?

Send us photos via email (see Contact Editor) link and links to
favorite furniture here in comments. I'll pick the best entries and
make you famous, so include links to your Website / online music
catalog / whatever you like.

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    In the mean time I have the Aeron chair and I can say it is worth every penny. My wife got it for me as a birthday present (Um, she bought it knowing that with $700 in my had I'd buy software and sit on lawn furniture.) Knowing what I know now I'd get it over the latest and greatest gadget.

    Go for it. See if there is a company going out of business. I know a couple of friends of mine that bought a bunch when internet companies in NYC were going bust. They got them for around a $100 each. That is a very sweet deal.