Sit down on the spectrum analysis couch, and let's explain the subtext of this plug-in's name:

  • Frequency: The Fre(a)koscope is a real-time spectral
    analyzer now in beta, a mod of Bram's S(m)exOscope designed to show the
    spectrum of a sound in real-time — so you can dig what's going down in
    your sound, you know, spectrally. (Far out.) And the
    frequencies are labeled with note names, to boot, for those of us who
    forget which frequency spectrum is which.
  • Freaky: Check those multiple views against the orange
    background. Witness the frequency zooming, freeze, peak hold, and the
    ability to mouse over anything for exact amplitude and frequency. This
    is one heavy plug-in. Which is why you may be surprised to learn that
  • Free: Price is free. And you're
  • Free to choose: which platform you want to run, OS X or Win32. (VST on both)

Now go get your freq on.

[Updated] Download and information at FFT Tools @ Smartelectronix (sorry I missed that, gang!)

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    what you forgot to mention is that this is vst (not au) meaning its USELESS and by smartelectronix which i have had nothing but problems with. good thing there is no link, who needs the link in the first place.

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    Geez… what's with all the bile on here, lately? The last few days have been nothing but posts from people who think that since a news item doesn't address their SPECIFIC needs, it's not worth posting. So you can't use it… big deal. Something else will come along.

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    seems to be spreading, yes.

    Sorry about the missed link. I can't agree with the Smartelectronix complaint, though: I've found their stuff to be first-notch. Not to mention the plug in question is FREE. When developers from the SE collective have posted software known to be buggy or 'experimental', it's clearly identified as such. So just watch what you're testing, and always make sure to test plugins with a host before you gig.

    As for the VST vs. AU, again, my mistake; I usually identify these. But I would hardly call a VST plug worthless — Ableton Live supports both formats, for instance, Cubase supports VST, and there are several wrappers to add VST to AU hosts. It's a pain, but it's a fact of life — many cross-platform plugs are VST-only. Period. Buy a wrapper once, and you'll have use of tons of free stuff. That's a topic I'll cover more in the future . . .