The good folks at Warp Records are giving away a pre-release
(limited access, so get it fast) from Prefuse 73's upcoming Surrounded By Silence (coming later
this month; thanks, disquiet). Best part about it: it features The Books, everyone's favorite oddball found-sound/Folktronic electronic duo (more info at their label Tomlab or their inscrutable, outdated site). If you haven't heard them, you need to: check out The Lemon of Pink or Thought for Food.

So when will we hear something new from The Books? Tomlab has them on
their passive roster, and I haven't tracked them down. Supposedly
they're here in New York . . . somewhere . . .

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    Thanks Peter for letting us know… I still think Prefuse's Uprock Studies and Vocal Narratives is a delicious example of Hip-chop (or whatever you wanna call it). Looking forward to his next release.
    On a related note, someone on the IDM board claimed that Beck's latest single is very 8-bitty IDM-ish… this should be really interesting too.
    Roland (a loyal reader from across the great pond)