An intrepid development team is quietly bringing the power of
Linux audio to the ultimate flexibility of Mac OS X and Core Audio.
It's called JackOSX,
and if you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time: with this free
software, you can route audio between any Core Audio-based Mac apps
(that's basically everything except Pro Tools), and take advantage of
cool audio and music tools from the penguin.

0.6 was a major release, adding a graphical manager for connections.
Jack 0.61, just released, adds compatibility fixes for applications
like Skype (Internet calling utility) and Rax
(must-have AU host). You can even use Jack to synchronize apps (a la
ReWire) — hit play in one, and you'll start the transport of another
— though currently only Jack-native apps are supported. (Full CoreMIDI
support is planned.)

There's even more good news: thanks to Jack, free Linux apps like
Ardour, SuperLooper, and Hydrogen are all coming to Mac OS X. Many of
these are already running on OS X and will soon be ready for
prime-time. Stay tuned.

In brief, let me say that again:

  • Route audio anywhere you want, and (soon) sync any apps
  • Run new free Linux music apps on your Mac
  • Free download

(Bonus points to anyone who got the Blues Brothers joke in my byline.)

  • Guest

    Rax a must have? yeah right. the thing eats CPU. maybe it's not a problem for someone with a very fast computer. but who wants plugins to use CPU when you aren't using them?

  • atariboy

    This happens to some other hosts also (most?). How is it different with RAX?

    RAX has the ability to shut off that channel plugins CPU use if you turn the volume all the way down.

  • admin

    'Must-have' I should qualify depending on how you work. I for one like the ability to fire up a plugin without jumping into my host program every now and then.

    But if you want a host that releases CPU when plugins aren't active, check out Digital Performer 4.51 and later.