NPR Morning Edition's David Malakoff yesterday covered the Laptop Battle phenomenon: competitive laptop composition contests that are spreading across North America, thanks to fourthcity's LAPTOPBATTLE.ORG.
NPR caught the recent Mid-Atlantic laptop battle. Players are given a
time-limit and are actually forbidden from using external controllers.
The music must be laptop-only. Then it's a slam — whoever wins over
the judges with their musical mastery and energy wins.

So, how can you get on the action? April 1 (Friday!) is the next
contest in Seattle. (Any Seattle readers? Hit comments and let us know
if you make it!) And the contest will be touring through many other US
cities; check the site for details. For virtual action, download the free DVD. And women, get rolling — there was all of one female entrant in February.

In other news: NPR finally answers the question of what Fruity Loops composition + color commentary sounds like on the radio.

  • Indicator

    Peter – I'm in Seattle and may try to make it out to the show on Friday. I'm assuming it is at Chop Suey?

    I've been to a few of these before and they are HUGE in Seattle – which typically has a relatively low-key electronic scene. The place was packed at the last one I went to…I'll let you know if we end up going – maybe I'll write a review!

  • admin

    Hi Indicator — would be great to hear what this is like, even a couple of photos and sentences.

    10 bucks well spent. Now we just have to see if we can't put on a good battle here in NYC, too. (especially since we then send finalists to Seattle — New York represent.)