Percussa micro super signal processor

Lyndsay Williams (an electronic pioneer herself, with early
PC audio and gigs with Pioneer and the company that became Evolution)
writes us to point out that New Scientist has a three-way interview with Bob Moog, Peter Vogel (of Fairlight fame) and Dave Smith.

Much of this you've heard before, though you may not know:

  • Bob Moog is Chief Technical Kahuna at Moog Music — "magician."
  • Peter Vogel wants to liberate you from TV ads: The creator
    of the Fairlight CMI has just launched an Intelligent Content Engine to
    automatically remove ads from your PVR. Peter, don't try this here in
    the US; Time Warner's attack dogs will eat you.
  • Dave Smith's cell phone invention: The 'father of MIDI' notes that computers and cell phones have dwarfed the use of MIDI on actual instruments.

One gripe: saying Peter Vogel "invented sampling" is an overstatement. Vogel's work was roughly concurrent with the Synclavier
development at Dartmouth; Vogel appears to have started earlier though
the Synclavier shipped first. Though, yes, the Stanford computers did
take about 10 minutes to churn out a note.