Ever routed audio a few feet to an outboard effects
processor? How about routing your audio all the way to Oberhausen,

Thanks to the online Tank-FX
(link in German), you can. A server feeds your audio sample into the
tank and records it with a pair of Rode NT-5s, adding a nice, natural
reverb tail of a few seconds, created by the actual acoustics of this
steam locomotive tank. You can then download the result. (via Dave's Imaginary Sound Space, which has an extended discussion)

Of course, thanks to the magic of convolution, you could get the same
effect with a convolution reverb. You can even design your own impulse
responses, which model acoustical reverbs, using the graphic interface
in Impulse Modeler
(US$39.95, Windows) which was just updated this week. For Mac or PC
users with their own convolution reverb of choice, Voxengo has free impulse response files available for download, too!

But it's nice to go organic every now and then.

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    Some artists in Quebec, Canada set up something similar about 5 years ago. It's called Silophone, and you could either upload a wav file via their website, and then download the 'effected' version, or you could call a toll-free number and simply talk/yell/sing/beatbox into it.. 😛

    The website still seems to be up, but I don't speak French and I'm also at work, so I don't have the time/patience to look into what is happening with it these days.

    Here's the url: http://www.silophone.net/



  • admin

    It's still online; you can still use it. Some disadvantages to it versus this new thing: for one, no performances going on at the Silophone any more, but more importantly you have to deal with audio being returned via Real instead of downloadable MP3.

    Then again, it's all live, which is nice!

    Isn't it fabulous that we get our CHOICE of online silo reverb chambers?

    Maybe all the CDM gang should get together and play with it online at once. 8)


  • gav

    site has moved to tank-fx.com , tank-fx.de is no longer registered