Percussa micro super signal processor

If you're lucky, your portable audio player has some lousy
recording capabilities. Or it may have none at all. So many people
resort to MiniDisc recorders, which are decent, but employ lossy
compression — and do you really want to be swapping tapes and manually
copying to your computer in the year 2005?

Edirol's R1 is the answer to all this nonsense:

  • Portable 24-bit recorder
  • Use built-in mic (sounds surprisingly good, actually), or mic or line input
  • Built-in effects, tuner, metronome, and mic simulation
  • Record to CompactFlash
  • Connect via USB 2.0 (or S/PDIF out)

The only bad news is recording time on the battery is 2.5 hours, but
for CompactFlash recording taht should be fine — and reduced CF prices
mean you can actually use this for recording music, interviews,
whatever, without shelling out $1600 for the R1's pro sibling, the R4.
Throw in goodies like a microphone simulator (who would've expected
that on a cheap portable recorder?), and this is a must-have. I've been
in love with it ever since I got hands-on at AES in the fall. Check the
recording samples on the Edirol site; they're amazing.

With a street of around US$400 and 1GB of CF under US$70 (no, really!),
forget the iPod photo and get something you can actually use for music.