Synthtopia today interviews
NYC multimedia artist Jessica Vale, creator of The Sex Album —
recorded sounds of people having sex manipulated into electronica with
vocals by Bale on top (pun intended).

So how's the album?
Well, while some of the found sounds are recognizable, others get
mashed into undistinguished digital mush, so with the addition of
spoken word narration the result seems a bit like a XXX-rated Laurie
Anderson. That said, how can you entirely fault an album that samples
S&M paddling for beats and uses electret condenser mics for body

Maybe I should rethink the mic placement how-tos in my upcoming book.

  • Guest

    VALE, not Bale

  • admin

    Thanks for the correction – fixed!

    Darn V and B next to each other on the keyboard . . . or something . . .

    Online: Where Fact-Checking and Copy Editing are things of the past. (TM)

    I'll be more careful next time.