Gizmodo scoops CDM today for latest riot-control technology with the Sonic Devastator (though, um, some spelling issues with the product?) This ain't just for your German punk band, kids: it's a real DIY weapon.

Create an ultrasonic blast capable of "inducing intense pain and
discomfort in humans and animals." Oh, and it even has adjustable
filter sweeps. Buy it assembled for US$300 or, better yet, get digital
plans for US$20.

  • Guest

    yeah, if it works dat's 1 helluva cool weapon.very ratchet & clank.can someone tell me if it needs batteries? and can i buy the materials for it in a local electronics/hardware shop or do i need 2 send away 4 the parts?

  • answer

    Dear Guest,

    it requires 2 9V batteries and for the plans and material requirement go to

  • M.Y

    Could anyone please tell me where can i buy a sonic devasator,Thanks a lot !!!