Terry Smythe
has digitally scanned 2,650 vintage piano rolls (and counting) and
converted them into zipped-up MIDI file archives. Those are standard
MIDI files, folks, so fire up GarageBand or Live or whatever and see
what you can do with them!

Check out the technical details of how it was done; there are enough people doing this that there's even a Yahoo discussion group devoted to the topic. Then dig through the archive of piano rolls, free for non-commercial use, featuring vintage AMPICO, Duo-Art, Welte, and Recordo rolls.

Via the all-DIY Make:Blog.

  • Guest

    Thanks so much for this wonderful article Peter. The images alone of how this reproduction was achieved are truly remarkable, as is the process itself. I've already downloaded a few hundred(!) of these MIDI files and am highly appreciative of the effort that went into bridging the past and the present (and future!) throught this very time-consuming effort. Many thanks Terry!

    All the way from Toronto,
    -T. Drakos

  • Ailteoir

    an incredible feat. terry thanks a lot.