As CDM continues its hunt for the ultimate studio furniture, here's my favorite reader tip yet:

DUAL Furniture
in San Francisco has gorgeous custom birchwood furniture designed to
your specs. There's the usual DJ furniture — record cabinets and the
like — but DUAL wins out for cool hunters with its floating coffins,
suspended elegantly from the ceiling by wire. Now if only someone could
design something this lovely for laptops and keyboards. (Oh, yes, that
and "if only money were no object." Sure, we're supposed to be poor as
musicians, but . . . look at the pretty furniture!)

  • Guest

    dunno what kind of cabling is used for suspension, but it seems like any interaction with the decks/mixer could push the table away from you. guess you could call yerself dj pendulum.

  • admin

    I think it would depend on how the suspension is attached. There should be a way to mount it so that it didn't move — otherwise I'd suspect that they wouldn't do it this way at all!

    On the other hand, it is SF: now you can DJ straight through the earthquake.


  • Guest

    Generally they're chained to the floor as well so that they don't swing too much, although it does take some getting used to. Generally, though, the point is to avoid skipping and rumble, which isn't an issue at home, so I really don't see the point.

  • Guest has this "DJ Kreemy" deckstand, it is one of the most awesome deckstands around. It's also $3500.

  • Guest

    played on setup like this back in 2002 and boy did it suck they move when you pitch and cue up

  • Guest

    this table is heavy enough to stay still, quit whining

  • Steve

    I have played on setups like this, and they are nice as people can tear up the rugs and you don't worry about skipping. It does take a while to get used to them, and they do move a lot when you are cueing up the records, etc, and require you to hold the table with your other hand. I prefer setups that don't move around.

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