Based on the spec list for GURU, due at the end of May, it sounds like the folks at FXpansion may have heard our drum machine wish list:

  • Integrated, advanced step sequencer

  • Automatically (or manually) slice and map audio to extract kick, snare, hat, etc. out of audio

  • Full audio (WAV/AIFF/REX) and MIDI loop import

  • 2 GB of included samples

  • Total MIDI mapping / remote control

  • Every format: standalone, ReWire, Mac/Windows VST, DXi, AU, RTAS
  • Yes, it’s everything we want: loop slicer, drum sampler (with a huge 128 slots), beat box, loop player, all in one box with an interface that actually looks usable. I’ve got Battery 2 here, so I’ll be interested to see how these compare. (Sorry, Reason ReDrum, I think you’re outclassed.) (via GearJunkies, though they missed the price — it is announced.)

    Pricing: US$249 / Eur 199 / GBP 129

    • mikeg

      im looking for software that will allow me to create drum tracks so i can make music without having to look for a drummer. basically what im asking is does this software allow me to use it like a "digital" drum machine to mimic the sound of a drum set without needing an electric drum set? i am confused on whether this is just a midi mapping software and i need an elec. drum set to use it or if it just does it on its own. thanks

    • mikeg

      um email me with the answer to my question via